Friday, January 30, 2009


As another week winds down, I can't help but to think about the upcoming days. Lots to do, lots to learn, and less time to do it. The time is coming soon when we can get my son home and start his rehabilitation in a more natural setting. Wow. Time to get-er done. Once again, thanks for all the help.

This week has been pretty good though. Jerry has been working hard, and his mood has been good. He still doesn't care for hospital food very much, but he is eating well. He has been getting some sleep, enough to get him through the next day, and he has been able to get out and do a few things, and that's always a plus. So here we are on Friday night. His day went well again today, he got a new collar (neck brace) that felt better when he was up. He completed all of his therapy, stayed in his chair for six hours, and even got a McFlurrie. Some friends came by, along with his brother, so life was pretty good.

So all in all, today was a good day. I hope he and Katie get a good nights rest as Cara the therapist is coming in to wake him up to do tomorrows schedule at 8:30 instead of 10. He will enjoy seeing Cara as she has been in another unit all week, but I'm not sure about at that time. Glad it's Katie's night tonight. he he Any way thanks for your endless prayer support, and devotion to my family.

God Bless,

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A better day - Thursday Jan 29

To state that this journey is a roller coaster ride would be an understatement, Tuesday was one of the more difficult days of the last couple of weeks. Without going into to much detail let me just say adjusting to a roommate is a little tough, I got about 4 hours of broken sleep last night. Amazingly enough I'm back at the top of the roller coaster. God has been faithful in answering prayer, I felt energized and strong and content even with the lack of sleep. God has given me once again what I need to get through the day.

Dennis slept at home last night and spent the day at home drawing up plans for Jerry's new room. For those of you not familiar with our home we have a two story home on a hillside. The upstairs of the house is at ground level and is the main part of the house, living room, kitchen, bathroom and Dennis and I's bedroom. Downstairs we have 3 bedrooms, bathroom, and laundry room. We can't put Jerry downstairs there's no way he can get up and down the stairs so we need to keep him upstairs and we need to be near him. We are going to add a bedroom for Jerry next to our bedroom and make the bathroom larger with a shower that we can roll a wheel chair into. It will be nice for him to have his own space and yet he'll be close enough for us to be right there, we will have a door from our room into his room. Dennis also spent some time at the auto dealer today, there's a lot near the hospital that sales the vans with wheelchair lifts. We will need to purchase a van with a lift as Jerry's wheelchair weighs about 400 lbs. Unfortunately they did not have any used vehicles only new $50,000, fagetaboutit! We will find a used van for half that hopefully.

So now on to the meat and potatoes, the Jer man. The doctors have been encouraging Jerry for the last two weeks to start a medication Norotton (I think that's how it's spelled). We have been very resistant and refused this medication for fear that it will dull the impulses that is enabling the little movement Jerry has. This medication is supposed to dull the impulses that cause Jerry to experience all these strange sensations like his chest and fingernails are burning and his lungs are hitting his organs and all these other sensations he's been having. They tried to manage these sensations that are making Jerry so uncomfortable with two other medications that are milder however it's not been successful. Last night Jerry decided he had to try Norotton, he was at his wits end and with much assurance from the doctors we relented. The doctors assure us it will not dull the good impulses which could improve his mobility. Jerry probably had his best night sleep since the beginning. He woke up this morning in good spirits and his pain was very manageable today. So now the really good news Jerry was able to have controlled movement in his feet, yes I said feet not toe. Jerry's been getting more intense involuntary spasms, Jessica describes it as it looks like he did the worm. Jerry was working on controlling the leg spasms by using patterns that exhibited he was controlling the movement. Jerry would focus I'm going to move the left foot and it would move, then the right foot and it would move. To be certain he tried more difficult patterns like move the left foot 3 times then move the right one time. Or move the left two times then move the right three times. Hallelujah!! Praise God!!! Yesterday Jerry had doubt that the controlled movement he has had was really him making the movement. He felt like they were just spasms even though he was able to control which toe moved. He can't feel it moving so he was discouraged. I have to give a shout out to my friend Robin a man who is a patient at the center who was in a car accident that left him paralyzed. Robin also had injury to C3 & C4 however he has been regaining a lot of movement. Robin can move his arms and hands but he does not have the fine motor skills in his hands yet. The moral of the story, Robin told Jerry that he can hold his hands in front of his own face and move his fingers, he can see them move and knows he's moving them, but he can't feel them. I think that had a huge impact on Jerry believing the controlled movement he's having in his feet is really him making the movement. So thanks for that one Robin. Praise God for these wonderful signs that keeps hope alive.

Good night and thanks for continued prayer.

Wednesday Jan. 28

Hello all,
Just a quick note on whats been going today. As I put the date in the box for this blog, I am reminded that it has been 26 days since the accident, and that it could be only 14 days until Jerry comes home. I don't know which is harder to comprehend. In dealing with Jerry's injury, we keep hearing, "it has not been that long, we will have to wait and see what happens." And on the other hand it's "is this in order, or what about that." It all seems so surreal, yet if we stop to think too long, we could miss the bus, so to speak. Along with the daily routine of doctors, therapy, training and so on, the decisions that we have to make about the future are right around the corner, equipment, transportation, accommodations, etc. etc. It's one day at a time, but......

So here we are in the now. Jerry's doing well in his therapy. We received the program for his computer that will let him do voice activated stuff, e-mail, face book, documents and such. That will be a good thing for him as I think he will feel a little more connected and is something he can work on while he is resting in his bed. He can only watch so much TV if you know what I mean. The pain in his neck is more frequent as he is in his chair for longer periods of time now, and he is also feeling a lot of nerve pain all over his body. Kinda like when your foot is asleep and you have that tingling, pins and needles type of feeling, well he seems to get that all over. It's been hard because the Doctors want to control it with meds, but we don't want to drown out anything that could be coming back. They assure us it will not, and that if he is in pain, it could hamper his recovery by not wanting to get in his chair to do the things he needs to do, so it's a catch 22, because he needs to be able to get up to get things working too. Anyway, it's just hard to know what is right sometimes when you have God, faith, hope,us parents, and medicine all working together at the same time. I know that we are all working towards the same goal in the end, but it still makes the little decisions tough.

Anyway, I should get some sleep now as it is getting quite late, so I will ask again for your prayers on the following situations:

Help us as parents make all the right decisions concerning our son's care.
Help the Doctors, Nurses, teams of Therapists that are working to help my son, that they will know exactly what to do for any giving situation. That they too would know how special he is.
Help us to continue to realize that God has a plan, and we are right where we are supposed to be at this very time.
And help us to sort out all the "little things" that are coming up in the future. The things that are already set in motion, and the things that are unforeseen, will be clearly laid out.

Thank you and God bless,

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday - Jan 27

Today was a difficult day, we lost our private room today and were moved to a new room with a roommate. There are many aspects that make this move difficult to handle. We also had the "Team Meeting" today with the doctor, nurse, OT, PT, psychologist and the social worker, the day was emotionally draining to say the least. The doctor explained Jerry's injury in more depth using the visual aid of a plastic spine. He explained that C2 had a fracture which was news to us, nobody told us about C2. The doctor said C3 had a couple of fractures and C4 was shattered. The doctor also explained the damage to the spinal cord was from the shattered C4 pushing into the spinal cord as well as the swelling from the trauma pinching the nerves. Hearing the doctor explain the injury in more depth with the help of visual aids was traumatic. Please pray Jerry will be able to sleep well, pray for strength, pray for peace, pray his pain can be managed with minimal medication, pray for healing, pray that his spinal cord will be mended perfectly, pray he will walk again.

On a more positive note Jerry got to go on another outing this evening, we went to dinner at Chevy's Restaurant. Jerry ate a Chimichanga and had a virgin strawberry daiquiri, he seemed to enjoy the dinner very much. Dennis told the waiter it was Kathy's birthday so they would sing to her (Kathy's the therapist), he was messing with her a little bit. Turns out it really was her birthday yesterday.

Happy birthday Kathy.

Time for rest and time for prayers, tomorrow's a new day....
Good night,

Monday - Jan 26

Jerry had a good day, he did his normal therapies and felt pretty good for the most part today. Jerry got to get in the swimming pool for the first time and he enjoyed that very much. Jerry had friends visit tonight which always brightens his day. I apologize for the short post it's after midnight and the first opportunity I've had to give an update. I need to get some rest I'll give a more thorough update tomorrow. Thank you all for continued prayer. Please pray God will give Jerry more movement with each day, pray Jerry will continue to be optimistic and never lose hope, pray Jerry will stay strong and give everything he can in his rehab therapy.

Thank you,

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Night - Jan 25

Today brought many smiles from Jerry, he got to sleep in until 10:00, he got a real shower and had some pizza for lunch. We were able to persuade Jerry to get in his chair today we compromised and said he only had to spend an hour in the chair. We went for a walk around the hospital, it was nice for him just to get out of the room. He felt pretty good in the chair and time flew by, he managed to spend almost three hours in the chair before complaining to get back in bed, so that was a bonus. I would have say the highlight of Jerry's day was having some of Gretchy and Ed's fabulous dinner which included barbecued ribs and macaroni salad D-LICIOUS. Topped off with great friends and a scrumptious chocolate eclair.

Jerry had so much movement (involuntary spasms) in his legs today, his legs were jumping all over the place, he definitely had happy feet. At one point while I was doing his range of motion (stretching him) I had his leg stretched up and resting on my shoulder, he bent his leg and pushed quite forcefully down on my shoulder with his calf. I know he does not have control of this movement right now and it's a normal occurrence in spinal cord injury however I get so excited to see it. I've heard from a few people with spinal cord injury who tell me they experienced the spasms and focused on controlling the spasms until one day the could control them. The people who told me this are now walking. Jerry started with the spasms in his feet and toes and can now move his toes if asked to do so without the assist of spasms. So for me spasms are encouraging, I know they are not comfortable for Jerry but I pray they help him reconnect with his body.

Well I'm off to bed now, Jerry gets to get in the swimming pool tomorrow which he is excited about, I need to get some rest so I can be there for that. Jerry is able to have more visitors now so anyone wanting to visit give me a call. Also Jerry has a blue tooth for his phone now so if you would like to call him and say hi please do. If you get voice mail it's because the cell coverage in the room is a bit sketchy, or he is in therapy, if you leave a message he can call you back.

Thank you for keeping Jerry in your daily prayers continue to pray for complete healing.

Good night,

Lots of "Housekeeping" Updates

Sunday night seems like a good time to get organized, so I figured I'd catch you up on what's going on "outside" of Jerry's room at Valley Medical.

As you've likely noticed, the community support for the MacCallisters is absolutely amazing. Because this family has given so much to our community, everyone I know is taking this chance to give back to THEM. From the offering of laundry services to building crews and everything in between, it's been remarkable to see so many practical details being handled by so many. And because we have so much going on in support of this family, we've realized that we are "outgrowing" this blog!

So, in the next few weeks you will likely see the launch of an expanded website at Right now, this address will send you to this blog, but someday soon you'll click in and find everything newly designed to include not only this blog, but also pages on the fundraising efforts, on upcoming events, on current practical needs and more. With the help of Katie's boss and coworkers at iHwy, look forward to this increased way of following Jerry as he recovers.

It is also really exciting to see the work of the Fundraising Gang. Coming soon will be Following Jerry window decals and bracelets, and as soon as we've got them we'll tell you where you can get one! There have been Bake Sales at Cabrillo, and on some counters you'll find Following Jerry change jars next to the register.

But mostly, this gang is hard at work on the February 7 Spaghetti Dinner. It is going to be a FANTASTIC night with great food and live music, as well as a silent auction and raffle. Items in hand include merchandise from We All Ride, Ralston Rods, Papa Murphy's, Pat Delia Plumbing, ABS Bike Shop, Kirkwood, Felton Veternarian, Capitola Boat and Bait, Felton Paint, Pro Build, Cruz Car Wash, Scotts Valley Fitness, Central Coast Running, Scotts Valley Cycle Sport, Santa Cruz Rug, Donati Motorsports, Fanucci Autobody, Kali Helmuts, Gilded Lily, Cowboy Diner, Dessert First, Mama Mia's, Winchester Auto, artist John Wells. And this is just the beginning!

Certainly, if you or your business has goods or services that you would like to offer, or if you'd like to contribute food items and/or paper goods for the dinner, please contact me at and I will connect you to the right people to give you some further details.

To RSVP for this great night, send an email to and indicate how many adults ($15 per person) and kids ages 2-12 ($6). If you are a family of 4 (2 kids, 2 adults), indicate that also and get in for $30. Dinner will be served 5 and 8pm, and we'd love to see you.

We will always keep you updated here on the blog, and if you have any questions on anything, just contact me at anytime and I'll connect you to the right group of folks.


Sunday Morning - Jan 25

Good morning, Jerry got a good night sleep last night and was able to sleep until 10:00 this morning, it's his day off so he plans on spending the day in bed, we'll have to try to persuade him to get in his chair for a little bit. Jerry gets his first shower today he was looking forward to that. Jerry has been in a funky mood for a few days now and could use some cheering up from friends, I'm sure he would welcome visitors if anyone would like to come. He is expecting visitors around dinner time but if anyone would like to come this afternoon that would be awesome. To be sure that several people don't show up at the same time it would be best to call me first.

More later.....


Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Jan 23

It's my night home and I look forward to sleeping in my own bed. As I reflect on the day's events I can't help but feel truly blessed. This evening a wave a fear came over me suddenly, from out of nowhere the thought of Jerry never walking again terrified me. I was reminded of Skyler Feather, I still have my son and his mind is undamaged. My heart breaks for Skyler's mother I pray that God gives her peace, I pray that she has support and love surrounding her through this tragedy. For those of you outside the SLV community Skyler was a young man Jerry's age from our community who was killed in a car accident a few days after Jerry's accident. Please keep Skyler's mother and family in your prayers. Even though Jerry's condition is devastating, God blesses me every day. If you look back over this blog I think you will find that God has answered prayer everyday since the beginning of this tragedy. And yet again God has answered prayer Jerry's Bone Density test came back negative today, this means as of yet the scan does not show the body depositing bone where it should not be, his hip appears to be safe for now. Jerry's blood work also came back normal. Praise God for these blessings.

Jerry slept well last night and had high spirits this afternoon, he enjoyed a little playful bantering at skills group with the therapist and smiled often. Jerry worked hard at exercise group and spent about 7 hours in his chair today. It seems like the right side of his body is getting a little stronger. Jerry had very little movement in his right bicep in the beginning howerver it seems to be getting stronger. Dennis and I enjoyed a quite evening with Jerry watching a movie (Hancock), it's so nice to just do something normal.

We have learned of another rehab center that is similar to Project Walk, this center is located in Pleasenton. We need to research this new center, how wonderful it would be to have the type of program we are looking for within driving distance of our home. If anyone has a little time to research other aggressive SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) rehab centers, we are totally open to your findings. We want to explore all options for rehab and choose the very best program available for Jerry. You can send an email to of anything worth looking into. Please pray that God will lead us to the place that offers Jerry the best chance of full recovery.

Jerry's been feeling some strange sensations that have caused him some anxiety. He has a hard time describing what he's feeling and his desriptions sound strange. Jerry said that it feels like when he is breathing his lungs are hitting something that makes them hurt, he also describes a feeling like his collar bones are poking through his skin. Jerry also said that if feels like he can feel the inside of his stomach and it's sticky and things are sticking to it. Lastly Jerry said he feels the inside of his body and if feels wierd, he can't feel you touching his legs but he said he feels his legs deep inside the skin. The doctor explains that the body will have strange sensations as it goes through the healing process. Please pray that if these sensations are not beneficial that they would go away. If these feelings are good, the brain trying to reconect to it's body, then pray that God will complete that healing and relieve Jerry of the discomfort and anxiety. Finally as always pray that God will heal each and every damaged nerve and restore Jerry's ability to walk and run and fly.

Thank you,


Friday Night Day 21

Hey All,
Well another week has passed, and were still here. It seems so long ago that we started this, well, journey, but it has only been three weeks to the day. The days just seem to morph into one big chunk of time, kinda like our lives in general. I can remember just a few short days ago (years) coming to Boulder Creek, after living in a variety of places, and feeling like I was home. From seeing Frank sweeping in front of Johnnies market, which he still does to this day, to driving down ol' Hwy 9 into Santa Cruz, which I still do to this day, this place has all I need for me to call home. I love after being gone for a while, coming over Mt. Hermon road and looking into the town of Felton. The trek past San Lorenzo Valley High, the awesome school that 3 of my children(one still to go) have graduated from, through Ben Lomond and Brookdale, and finally to Boulder, the sleepy little town in the redwoods. Seeing the phrases that Pastor Mike puts on the sign in front of the community church always make think, and depending on what season it is, how the town is decorated, whether the giant Christmas tree is lit, or there are just signs for up coming events, it always makes me feel good. I like going into the bank, or the gas station, or Scarbourogh lumber, or any number of places in town, and seeing someone I know and catching up on things (much to my kids dismay) and all the while thinking to myself, there's no other place I'd rather be. San Lorenzo Valley, it's a great place to Live. Thanks to God for placing me here.

I don't really know where I'm going with all this, I guess I am just felling a little bit nostalgic. The way the Valley, and people across the world, have come to my aid, just makes me reflect on things, and this is what happens. Sometimes you have to be thankful for the good things in your life, to help you through times that are tough, and I have plenty of good things. As for today, things are about the same. Jerry is sleeping after another day of physical and occupational therapy, mom is at home, and I'm pulling the night shift. Just another day. Jerry's tests that he took yesterday, bone scans and stomach checks, all came back good. He's sleeping well, and we got some food and watched a movie tonight. A fairly uneventful day, so to speak.

Tomorrow after his PT at 10, we are all loading up in a van from 12:30-3:30 and going to the San Jose tech museum, so that should be fun, and I should have some more pictures and stuff to write about. Other than that, just another day of this Journey we call life. I thank you all once again for tuning into this time in our lives, and hope you will continue to think of us when you think of all the good things in your own lives.

Peace and Love to All,

Sharing The Story

Check out the article in today's local paper by clicking here.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today was a quiet day, Jerry got to catch up on some sleep as his schedule was canceled today to acomodate a bone density test so he spent a lot of time napping waiting to be picked up for the test. When the body experiences trauma of this magnitude the body can do some strange things in the healing process like building bone where it shouldn't be. Jerry's left hip is experiencing tightness during his range of motion sessions so the doctor ordered a bone density scan to see if the body is making bone in the hip joint. Please pray that this is not the case, pray that the bone density test comes back normal.

Jerry's energy level is good this evening, he only spent about three hours in his chair today so his pain level was down, he watched his favorite show "The Office" and spent some time on the phone with his buddy Luke. Jerry had some movement in his toes today and had a little more movement in the right toe, up till now the right side has been significantly weaker. It looks like the right toe didn't want to be left behind he couldn't let the left toe one up him. Please pray that the toe movement will advance to foot movement and the foot movement will progress to leg movement. Praise God for the movement Jerry does have and pray it will increase on a daily basis.

Thank you for posting comments and prayers we are continually uplifted be the love and support. Thank you all for lifting Jerry up in prayer on a daily basis, it means so much to us.

Good Night

Wednesdays Movie night - Jan 21

Another Good Day! Jerry had another long day today, but he pulled through like a champ. Started out with all his work outs this morning with stretching, and then moved on to some physical stuff. They hooked some wires to his legs and gave him some electrical stimulation and made him pedal a bike, for lack of better words. I was not here when they were doing this but Katie said it was kinda cool. The stimulation made his muscles help contract, and with a motor helping to rotate the peddles, he went about 30 minutes, or about 5-6 miles. He was supplying about 50% of the power through his muscles, and the motor was doing about the same. Small steps, but going in the right direction. This is the kind of stuff we would like to see, work those muscles!

After lunch, he did some more arm workouts on these sling things, where he pulls his arms to, and then away from his body for an hour or so, followed up by an hour of Texas-hold-em poker. I forgot to ask who won. Back in bed around 3:30pm to get some rest for his big night out.

Tonight we got to load up in a couple of vans and go see a movie. It was the first time in 20 days of doing something normal, so to speak. We went to see Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino. It was nice to go out, and I think Jerry had a good time too. It was quite a bit of reality also, as I see how things have changed. It takes a little more time and effort to do even the simplest tasks, like going to the movies, then it did before, but it's all good. We got back about 10 and got ready for bed. Just like in the old days, we wore the little fella out, and he drifted of to sleep around 11:30. Thank you God for the nice time and the sleep. I know things are going to be different now, but hanging with you're boy will always feel the same. I problebly should get some rest myself as tommorrow will have it's own challeges I'm sure.

Please continue to pray for Jerry's complete healing and that his spirit stays strong. Even with a great night out , I know that for him, these times are hard. I can see it in his face. Pray that he accepts where he is at right now, and pushes forward to a better place tomorrow. To never give up on what he can do through Christ our Lord.
Please pray for Katie and myself, as well as my other three children, as we make the countless trips over the hill, at all hours, that we would be safe.
And most of all, take a minute to thank God, for all he has done in all our lives, as we all go through this journey together on these pages.

And with that, I will leave you with some shots of our first night out.
Good night and God Bless.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Morning - Jan 21

Jerry got about 8 hours of broken sleep last night but he's still pretty tired, he slept through the majority of his sponge bath this morning. Jerry is supposed to be up eating his breakfast but I'm letting him sleep another 45 minutes, he'll just have to slam breakfast before PT. I'm hoping a little extra sleep will help him through the day he has a very busy schedule. For those who may have been considering a visit today it may be better to wait until tomorrow. Jerry will be in Physical Therapy (PT) from 9:00 - 11:00, Occupational Therapy (OT) 11:00 - 12:00, lunch 12:00 - 1:00, skills group 1:30 - 2:00 and excercise group 2:30 - 3:00. Jerry will get back in bed about 3:30 to rest, he'll have dinner at 5:00 and then back in the chair at 6:00 for a field trip to the movies. Whew, makes me tired just thinking about it. If all goes well today Jerry will likely have about 9 hours in his chair. Please pray that Jerry will have minimal pain, much endurance and energy abundant. I'll post the days events after the movie tonight, it will probably be around 11:00pm.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Night - Jan 20

My first night home was tougher then I thought it would be, the closer I got to home the more emotional I became, it was hard to hold the tears back. When I pulled up to the house the emotions came flooding back, the Christmas lights were on (still on the timer), again it was hard to hold back the tears but I didn't want to freak the kids out so I pushed the emotions down. I went in the house and could not hold it back any longer, the Christmas tree is still up with opened gifts still under it, it was like it was still Christmas. This morning I felt much better, it's amazing what prayer and a good night sleep can do.

I was excited today to get back to the hospital because Jerry was starting a new therapy, he finally got to do a more physical rehab. Today was physically exhausting for Jerry, he was in his wheelchair for 6 1/2 hours, thats the longest he's been able to tolerate. In the gym workout today Jerry had each arm in a sling that hung from the ceiling to support the weight of his arms, his arms where chest high. Jerry would use his biceps to pull his forearms in to the chest and his shoulders to pull the arms back out. Jerry also used another devise to work his bicep, it's like pedaling a bicycle with your arms. His hands were strapped to the pedals and the machine worked out his arms. Needless to say be the time Jerry was able to get in bed he was in a lot of pain and was exhausted. A few friends came to visit and it amazes me no matter how bad he's feeling a visit from friends always lifts his spirits and brings out his smile. I love to see him smile :-) Tomorrow is another big day, Jerry gets to go on his first outing, several of the patients are going to the movie. We will be going to a movie theater a few miles from the hospital to see the new Clint Eastwood movie Grand Tarino, he's excited about that.

God has answered so many prayers and I'm so thankful that he consistently gives us something new each day. Everyday there is progress and that sustains us to keep our spirits high and our hope alive. Praise God for answered prayer and please continue to pray for Jerry and a complete healing.

Good Night

Tuesday Night

Thanks to everyone for the continuing slew of comments and emails over these last days. This is truly an amazing story, and having you all play a part is what makes this so remarkable. Thank you for continuing to pray, dream and hope for Jerry and the MacCallisters in these days.

Dennis just called on his way home from the hospital--tonight it is his turn to sleep at home, and it's his first trip home since this ordeal began. Katie took the drive home last night, and for both of them, this is a big drive to take. Not only are they each dealing with the emotional difficulty of leaving Jerry for the night, but it's their first "re-entry" into their "real life." Hard. On a lot of levels.

But gratefully, the day was good. Jerry's spirits remain strong, his day was full and busy, he was surrounded by friends and family. He is continuing to be able to move those toes, and he is mostly able to do this in the evenings, which is interesting? He cannot always make them move, but knowing that he sometimes can, is enough right now.

But in having this encouragement, it's interesting to balance the "hope" for Jerry's future versus the "current reality" he is in. How do you go about preparing for what's ahead? It's hard. And as Jerry comes closer to being able to come home, there are zillions of details to consider. And lots of directions those details could go.

So as you pray, consider these things:

1. Pray for Dennis and Katie. They need SO much wisdom and discernment right now. Pray that they would easily slice through the many options and details and get right to the heart of things; pray that they would know which way to go and be of one mind. Pray that God would connect them with the right people to offer the pointers that they need. And please also thank God for those "dots" that have already been connected. Thank God for the peace and hope that they have, and ask God that they would be overflowing.

2. Pray for Jerry. Pray that his hope would continue to grow for his future. Pray that he would continue to experience movement in his limbs, pray that he would continue to be protected from infection. Pray for his times each day in his various therapies--pray that he would be encouraged, that he would stay focused and use the mental and physical discipline he has shown in so many areas here in this ordeal. Thank God for where Jerry is today--he's come a LONG way since January 2. Thank God for Jerry's amazing friends and family, that have rallied around him and kept him hopeful.

Let's keep praying for the miracle, and thank God for those we've already seen.

Good night to all,

Late Monday Night

Well it's late at night, Jerry is snoring, and I can't seem to sleep. That's OK though, as I think I slept more the last 2 nights than I have in a while. I feel better today, thank you all, and we (Jerry and I) had a nice time together. Momma got home safe in ol' red, so we sat down and did some reading and reflecting. We got caught up on some blog posts, watched the you-tube video on lamilin, Truly inspirational, and did some foot moves. Yes, Jerry was concentrating on moving his feet and it was working! Call it spasams or whatever you want, but there is something happening down there and I call it hope! I thank God every minute for the little things he gives us each day. After that, when Jerry fell asleep, I started checking e-mails and stuff and I looked at the facebook site. I was again overwelmed by all the members on that site. Kids I have watched grow up, watched play sports around the Valley, that are all over the state and country at school. Jerry's new friends at Embry-Riddle. Pastors, Preechers, men and women of faith that I have worked with, or served with around RCP. Summer staff that has been to our camp, and campers too, and thier friends, and then all the people I don't even know, and it really blows me away. It just gives me a new perspective about things. I just can't seem to put these thoughts down as well as others, M-B, but I truly from the innermost parts of my body feel the Love as well as my family. I can't wait until the day comes when I can thank each and everyone in person. (Hopefully it not a Monday morning before I had my coffee) So as I get ready to sleep, I will rejoice in what The Lord has given us today, Pray about what HE will do tomorrow, and worry not about the Journey in the future.

Thank You for now, and God Bless.
Dennis MacCallister

Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday - Jan 19

First I'd like to say I'm sorry for no post yesterday, hopefully nobody was freaking out, we'll try to not let that happen again.

Dennis slept at the hotel again last night and returned to the hospital this morning feeling much better so thank you for the prayers in that respect. Jerry was not tired last night even though he had his sleeping pill so he wanted me to read his blog to him, he was enjoying it and we wound up staying up way to late. We did not get to sleep until 1:00 am and then of course the nurses came in a couple times and then up at 8:00. So needless to say Jerry is tired today, we better not do that again.

Jerry's feeling a little nauseous today, pray he does not have what Dennis had. Jerry's spirits are up despite feeling weird. Yesterday Jerry had friends visit and as usual friends are so good for his mental health. His friends wanted to see him move his toes and amazingly he was able to get his left toe to move a few times. I think he was trying to show off for his friends because he couldn't get it to move earlier in the day. ;-)

Today will be the first night one of us won't be in the hotel. Dennis will be staying at the hospital and I will be going home to sleep for the first time since the accident. It's going to be strange being so far away from Jerry but we believe it's time. We appreciate so much all the people who contributed to our hotel room. It was truly a blessing to be able to be close to Jerry.

As always thank you to all who are supporting us in so many ways, thanks for the continued prayers and thanks for posting your comments they always are uplifting.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Glorious Day -Jan 17

Well I started to post a message early this afternoon and only got a few sentences in before things got very busy. This is the first opportunity today to write an update. There seems to be a bit of a trend lately with the days not starting so well and then wonderful things happen. This morning I needed to do laundry, however I left my wallet at the hospital. I had some inconveniences which delayed my getting to the hospital this morning. I won't bore you with the details let me just say I was very frustrated. When I finally arrived at the hospital I found Dennis in not so good shape with stomach flu type symptoms. He was not able to have much contact with Jerry, so needless to say he went back to the hotel to sleep for the day. After therapy and lunch Jerry was in bed resting awaiting his afternoon therapy when the most glorious thing happened. Jerry's legs were moving under the blanket, I couldn't believe my eyes. I asked him if he was trying to move his legs and he replied no. When his legs stopped moving I asked him to try and move just the left foot only focus on the left foot and low and behold the left toe moved. I then asked him to try to move the right foot and the right toe moved. It was the most wonderful thing I've ever seen. My heart is full of joy today and I praise God for yet another blessing. God is good and merciful and gives me what I need to sustain me through another day, praise him.

Please pray for Dennis that what ever sickness he had today is gone tomorrow and as always pray that Jerry's spinal cord will be perfectly mended and that God will heal each and every damaged nerve. Also pray for guidance in perusing project walk and if it's God's will he will provide the means to get Jerry to San Diego in four weeks.

Thank you to all my prayer warriors.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Night Jan 16

It's midnight and my night to sleep at the hotel, I should be sleeping but I feel so energized. The day didn't start off so well for me, Jerry was feeling down and my heart breaks for him. How I wish I could trade places with him and spare him this pain. The day did brighten, Jerry was able to spend about 4 1/2 hours in his wheelchair today, he smiled and and talked with the other patients during skills group. Dennis and I were able to walk with Jerry in the wheelchair outside around the whole hospital, we walked for about an hour and a half. Jerry wanted to go visit the nurses in the trauma center and they were excited to see him. The day just continued to get better, Jerry spoke to a dear friend of his from school in Florida which really lifted his spirit, he also had friends come visit. With his brother and sisters and friends the room was quite full, it felt like a party. It was so wonderful to see Jerry talk and laugh.

A friend of mine Tara found a rehab center in San Diego, she gave me this information just a couple days after the accident however I hadn't had a spare moment to look into it. I noticed on the blog a few other people posted the same website I finally was able to make time to visit the website and learn a little about their program. I was so excited to find a place that shares the same focus. Part of the criteria to participate in this rehab center is a positive attitude, the willingness to work hard and to believe you can walk again. When I was talking to Jerry about this rehab center I could see the hope in his eyes and it made me excited to research and learn more about it.

It's now 1:00 am and I really should get some sleep. Thank you to everyone who is working so hard to help our family. There are so many people who have come together to help our family in so many ways, it's overwhelming and its BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for all the kind words, stories and prayers you post we read each and every post and are continually uplifted. Give thanks and praise to God for the tremendous progress and blessings thus far:

Jerry's alive
he has no brain damage
he doesn't have a tracheotomy
he's now able to breath without the ventilator
he has some shoulder and bicep movement
he's able to begin rehab in less than 2 weeks after the injury
and the blessing that gives me strength even in this tragedy Jerry can still smile and crack a joke.

Please pray that God will give us the wisdom to make the right choices for Jerry's care and as always please continue to pray for Jerry's complete recovery as well as peace and keeping hope alive.

Good night

Benefit Spaghetti Dinner, February 7!

On behalf of Sherri Busa, Jennifer Meadows and the rest of the Amazing Fundraising Gang, I am excited to invite you to their first event, a Spaghetti Dinner set for Saturday, February 7, 5-8pm at the Boulder Creek Fire Department.

Dinner plans include Spaghetti (meat and vegetarian sauces available), green salad, garlic bread, dessert and beverages. Events of the evening will include live music, a silent auction and a raffle.

Tickets are available now; $15 for adults, $6 for kids ages 2-12 and if you are a family of 4 (2 adults, 2 kids ages 2-12), $30. To RSVP, just email your name and the number of adults and children in your party to, and kindly include a contact phone number.

If you would also like to contribute to the needed supplies, email and let the event coordinators know how you can help! Needs include donations of food, paper goods and silent auction items as well as volunteers to assist with set up, food prep and clean up.

It's going to be a REALLY great night and I, myself, have already sent in the RSVP for my family! Not only will the food and entertainment be great, but it will be a great pleasure to put "faces to the names" of everyone in our great community that has been rallying behind this family. Don't miss out.....we can't wait to see you there!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday night Update

Ok, I'm back.
Sorry had to eat again. Jerry is getting ready for a good nights sleep after having a few friends over for dinner. Seeing them brightened his day. Thank you! Once again he was smiling that Jerry smile. He has some Ben & Jerry's and a new episode of the Office so he is pretty content right now. Now I would like to give a big heartfelt thanks to all the staff here at the hospital. I know it is your job and such, but it truly makes a difference to the people you are serving and I would like you to know that. We have been treated with nothing but care and respect in this hospital from the top on down and it has been a gift from God. Thank you.

Jerry made it through all his sessions today even though he was very tired. After the skills meeting, he worked with some voice activated computer stuff and will hopefully soon be able to blog himself. I don't type fast enough for him I guess.

Well lastly I would like to answer a few questions that are getting asked of Marci.
First we are at :
Santa Clara Valley Medical Center
751 South Bascom Ave.
San Jose, Ca. 95128
room 1E019

We can have things in our room, Plants, Pictures and we do have a window :)
But, Our room is not THAT big so that being said, please use discretion. We have to share a fridge with the whole floor also so a lot of food at the hospital is tough. We have to eat all the Ice cream (is that a bad thing?) and we have been having a hard time finding time to watch a movie. If you want to bring something that Jerry might like to munch on while you visit, go right ahead, but really we got so much in goodies and snacks, it's looking like Costco in here. Jerry likes visits. It always makes him smile, but we just have to make sure we don't over do it as there are many other patiences, and he is really active during the day. I would suggest calling before hand, and evenings 6-8 are usually the best time. I hope this is not sounding weird but I don't know what else to say. Cards and well wishes are great, and in a lot of ways thats enough right now, but sometimes a face is great too. The weekends and holidays are much less busy as most of the rehab is done during the week, so if you are being led.....

Other than that I think we are doing pretty well in here with all that is going on. Our needs are being met, and the love that we are feeling is heaven sent. I just pray that each day we make a little forward progress, and follow God's plan, and the rest will be OK. Today Jerry had some arm movement in his left arm, while laying in the bed with his arm at his side he was able to use his shoulder to move his arm. I lifted his arm and asked if he could move it, he was able to bend slightly at the elbow as he tried to draw his forearm into his chest. It's the most movement we've seen thus far and our hearts were lifted. Praise God for progress. One day at a time. I thank you again for reading and following this post, and for all the prayer, and I know in my heart that things will be OK.

God Bless you all.
Dennis MacCallister

PS. Tomorrow I will try and figure out how to put in some pictures and give a little more information about our family in the profile area of this page.

Thursday Afternoon

Hey Y'all,

As I have been reading these posts,I am continually amazed at all the Love and Support that you all are showing Jerry and my family at this time , and once again, wish to thank you all. Someday were going to have a rip-roaring party to express our gratitude for all everyone has done. We will sing and dance in celebration for all that God has done so far, and and all He is going to do.

Jerry is in a skills class with Katie so I have a couple of minutes before our next mtg. so I thought I would give a update and try to answer a few of your questions. Jerry didn't real well last night, and we think it was just a combination of being in his chair for longer periods of time, as well as being a little scared of all that is happening. He is trying to be so strong, but sometimes it is just too much. Things have moved quite quickly these last couple of days and he is just feeling a little sad. Through all this, I can understand why. But we will cast our cares on the Lord.
Jerry just came back in, I'll continue in a little while.


A Chance to Ask the MacCallisters

I've gotten a couple of emails with questions for the family, ranging from if there is a DVD player in Jerry's room all the way to if he can wear regular clothes while he is at the hospital.

So, here's your chance.  

If you have a question about anything, post it here, and I'll pass them on and get the answers.

More later today.....


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday Night

In keeping with the magnificence of all of you, my email inbox was JAMMED today with emails related to the MacCallisters.   Offers of help, prayers, notes and fundraising ideas are flowing in, and I want all of you to know that it's just been REMARKABLE.  This family is so clearly loved, and there is no limit to what God is going to do with Jerry and his amazing family.

So, thank you.   It's unbelievable.   

In keeping with the theme, these days are having both highs and lows.   In talking with Katie earlier this evening, that was true for today as well.  So, as Katie did in our conversation, I'm going to give you the "harder" aspects first.

The tough part of today was that it was yet another nasty "reality check."   As today's meetings went on with his physical and occupational therapists, it became clear that the focus of Jerry's care will be on helping him to become a "functioning quadriplegic."  Obviously, the family would like to focus on keeping Jerry's body ready and able to regain movement.  So, as they kept on pounding details into Dennis, Katie and Jerry, is was again extremely difficult to accept this angle on Jerry's care.  

For example, the therapists will approach Jerry by only exercising the muscles that are "working", instead of exercising out ALL of Jerry, "working" or not.   Especially for the next three months, Jerry will be a bit limited by his large neck brace, but beyond the three months of the brace, it did not seem that the plan and angle for his physical therapy would change significantly.  This really bothered all three of them, as their personal strategy is to keep Jerry's body in as good of a condition as they can in order to continually improve his chances for a complete and total recovery.

So, we need to pray about this.  Pray that Jerry would find a connection with a therapist that sees things differently.  Pray that he would be able to keep his mind on what he CAN do, rather then on what he cannot.  Pray for Dennis and Katie as they consider and research other options for rehab, pray for their friend Rob as he is madly researching other ideas and angles for Jerry's physical recovery.  Overall, pray that Jerry would continue to take things day by day, even minute by minute, as he processes his current reality.  Pray that his mind and heart would be protected and that he would continue to hope for more then what he is being presented with.

And as we offer our prayers to God on this day, please also thank Him for the ways that our prayers have so clearly been answered.  Because He answered many!

First, Jerry has landed in his OWN room in the Rehab Center!   Beyond that, permission has been given for one guest to spend each night with him.  This is a huge answer to prayer for everyone, and most certainly all of the MacCallisters are heading into a good night's sleep as I type this update even now.

Second, as Jerry was examined by a large team of doctors from several different hospitals, he was given a short neurological exam.  As he was sitting in his wheelchair with his arm at a 45 degree angle, he was able to pull his arm back.  He was able to move it about an inch, and Katie, especially, found this to be extremely encouraging.  There is some discussion that Jerry may be able to utilize both bicep muscles, and possibly one of his triceps.   As part of another test, he was also able to discern some feelings of the vibrations of a hammer type instrument when held against various parts of his body.   This, again, seems like something to celebrate!

Next, despite the bizarre circumstance the other day with Jerry's dilated eyes and "fogginess", his MRI has come back completely clear.   Whatever it was that caused those symptoms has completely been eliminated, and we are grateful and thanking God for His intervention here.

Last, it seems that Jerry's days in the Rehab Center will be busy, as well as task-oriented, which will help to keep discouragement and boredom somewhat at bay.   Some routine will be established in the next few days, and Jerry will begin to be able to have more visitors.  Right now, Katie says that his buddies are VERY welcome to swing by.  Just call first, and then come over to visit!  You all are needed. 

Again, thank you to everyone for your comments and posts--every single one is read, most repeatedly and by all six MacCallisters.  So, thank you for all of your prayers--they are needed more then ever.

Until tomorrow,

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday, 5pm

Katie and I just got off the phone a couple of hours ago, and it took until now for anyone to have a moment for an update.  We're sorry to have kept you all hanging!   As a rule, it's a good assumption for everyone to make that if there is a slight lag in the daily post, that things are going well but that the day is busy--certainly we will always post quickly when there is big news to report.

For those who have been following Jerry's story thus far, you know that all of the days spent in the hospital have been busy--bringing with them both surprises and challenges.  But probably more then any other day, today was exceptionally that way.  

First off, the biggest news is that Jerry got to have Round Table Pizza's Maui Zaui for lunch.  Upon being presented with a lunch tray of hospital pizza that was less than appealing, Katie found that there was a Round Table within one mile of the hospital.  Why eat hospital pizza if you can do better? So, needless to say, lunch was a huge highlight today.  And isn't God good to have put a Round Table in such close proximity?  

But beyond lunch, as Katie noted in one of yesterday's posts, today was a big day in that Jerry's whole team met with them to discuss his care plans for the next several weeks.  In typical MacCallister style, Jerry is flying through his milestones with his physical recovery, and because of that, some big changes are ahead in the next couple of days.

First, plans are in place to transfer Jerry tomorrow from his current room in the Rehabilitation Trauma Center down to the regular Rehab Center.  Not only is his room number changing, but he will also go from having a private room to one shared with two or three roommates.  While this may be good in that he will have companionship and hopefully some camaraderie, there are some downsides too--the main one being that he can no longer have overnight guests.  Praise God, his nights have been hallucination and anxiety free of late, but obviously there is worry about being by himself as he sleeps. 

There are also changes to Jerry's level of care in terms of nursing staff--instead of sharing a nurse with only one other patient, he will share with up to 6 patients.  So, there was much discussion today between the MacCallisters and Jerry's medical team as to how these changes will impact the rhythm of Jerry's days, as well as those of his family. 
Beyond these practical matters, discussion also went on as to what he can expect for his care in both the immediate and long term future, as well as some explanations on what he can expect in terms of recovery over the coming weeks, months and years.  As you can imagine, this meeting was extremely difficult for Dennis, Katie and Jerry to withstand.   

In many ways, it was the first "sit down" that had occurred, and it felt a lot like a nasty reality check as they got some perspective on what lies ahead.  As they looked in on the rehab gym and saw various patients engaged in therapy, seeing all of the wheelchairs and people was really tough.  It is tough for all of us to accept that Jerry's current reality includes these things, and it is tough for Jerry to grasp what his abilities currently are, as well as the limits to what they may be.

But for now, as Jerry moves down to rehab, Dennis and Katie are really focusing on what Jerry can do to continually keep his body ready and able to recover.  As Dennis said, the key is to take everything one day at at time--to wake up each morning and tackle each task, be it breathing treatments, physical therapy, occupational therapy--whatever it is.   Because really, taken long term or too far, it's overwhelming.  And impossible.  But taken daily, and broken down into smaller tasks, it's do-able.  And until Jerry's current reality changes, this is how it will be done.  Day by day.  Task by task.   The MacCallister way.

So there is much to pray for here.  And as I talked with Dennis and Katie, here is where we all can focus over the next couple of days:

1.  First, pray that Jerry's body would continue to strengthen and heal.  Pray that the strange sensations and feelings that he has would truly be the hand of God mending and changing his circumstance.  Pray for Jerry's mind and heart.  Pray that he would be protected from fear and anxiety, and pray that he would be free from despair and frustration.   Pray that he would be matched up with exactly the right nursing staff as he makes his move to the rehab unit tomorrow, pray that he would be comfortable and have confidence in their care.  Pray that his roommates would prove to be companions and friends, as if God chose them out exactly for him.  Pray more then anything else that he would know a sense of peace that God has a plan for him, and that he can truly rest in that plan.

2.  Pray for Dennis and Katie as they continue to handle the many details of Jerry's care.  Pray that they would have wisdom and discernment, that they would easily keep track of the details and be of one mind together as decisions are made.  Pray that they would experience deep rest each evening, and pray that they would be able to leave Jerry in the good care of his nurses and feel free of anxiety and worry.

3. Pray for all three as they prepare to be separated for the first time tomorrow night. Truly pray without ceasing that all of the events of the day would prepare them for this, and that all three would be at peace as the day leads into night.  Pray also that tonight would be another great, full, restorative night of sleep for everyone.  

As always, thanks are not enough for all of the posts and comments.  Please do continue to keep them coming, especially now as Jerry himself can read your words.  

The miracle is coming......any day now.


Sharing The Story

In case you missed your morning paper, check out the article done by the Santa Cruz Sentinel by clicking here.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Jan 12th

Let me start by thanking everyone for all you are doing to help our family, the support is overwhelming. I have nothing to offer at this point but a thank you, it just feels so insufficient. We do appreciate each and every one you.

Jerry had a good day today, his CT scans came back clear and his pupils have returned to normal size. There is a portion of the arteries that were not visible by the CT scan because the hardware in his neck blocked the imaging. Jerry is getting an MRI this evening so the doctors can be sure there is no damage to the arteries near the hardware. I praise God for the clean CT scans and pray that the MRI comes back clean as well. Jerry was able to get in his wheelchair today and go to the patio again, it was nice to get him out in the fresh air.

Tomorrow we meet with all the "Team", doctors, nurses, physical therapist, occupational therapist, case worker and everyone working on Jerry's case. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the next step in Jerry's recovery. If the MRI comes back clean then Jerry should be able to move to Rehab downstairs Wednesday or Thursday.

Jerry just arrived back from MRI and we need to get him ready for bed, in closing I just want to thank everyone again for keeping Jerry in your daily prayers and sending us all your wonderful prayers and thoughts through this blog. We read each and every post and it uplifts our spirits knowing so many people are praying for Jerry.

We'll post the MRI results as soon as we know.
Good night,

Great Night & Answered Prayer

Praise God for answered prayers Jerry had a great night of sleep. I only have time for a quick update as the mornings are quite busy. Jerry fell asleep about 11:30 last night and slept until about 8:00 this morning. There were no hallucinations, no confusion, no restlessness or anxiety. Jerry slept through the night only being woken by the nurses twice. I got a good night sleep as well.

Jerry has a very busy day planed, physical therapy at 9:00 am, his swallow test at 10:00, getting in his wheelchair at 1:30 and an MRI somewhere in between. Please pray that the results of the CT with contrast comes back normal with no damage to the artery that feeds the brain. Also pray that the results of the MRI come back normal.

I don't have the words to express the gratitude I feel for all the support and prayers and everything everyone is doing to help our family. All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart.

More later,

More later,

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chillin on the patio

Yesterday Jerry had a great day, four of his close friends came to visit. Jerry was able to get in his wheelchair and sit outside on the patio in the sun. It was such a blessing to see him smile as his friends sat around him and visited with him, my heart was full of joy at that moment. I'm learning even in the face of tragedy there can be joy. Thank you to Josh Speers (Jerry's friend) for capturing the moment. Praise God for this blessing.


Sunday Night, 8:15pm

The CT results are in and thus far, everything continues to look good. Some neurological testing was also completed today, but those results will not come back until tomorrow. So, some anxiety is still hanging in the air until those come back, but at least the initial results are positive for Jerry.

It seems that as the afternoon progressed, Jerry's "fog" seemed to dissipate as well. He had a breathing treatment, continued to talk with everyone and by late afternoon, his eyes were again "matching" each other in terms if dilation. So, the day went "full circle" so-to-speak, it started out well and has ended well, with ups and downs in the middle.

In talking with Dennis, it seems like the "ups and downs" are beginning to be increasingly difficult to withstand. Operating on a bare minimum of sleep, emotions are being worn right on their sleeves, and awaiting test results while watching Jerry for further symptoms is obviously tough. So, as you pray for this family tonight, please pray that their ability to withstand the emotional roller coaster would increase. Pray that they would be emotionally "seatbelted" and protected from harm. Pray that their minds would be able to quickly process all of the information that is thrown at them, and that they would cling to what is hopeful, and pray away those things that are not.

As for Jerry himself, he is continuing to do amazingly well. Several on his medical team have said that they are surprised at how fast he is going in his recovery. He is back to breathing well on his own post-surgery, he's neck continues to heal, he's (basically) off of the heavy doses of morphine, he's able to be in a wheelchair for hours each day. This is a lot to have achieved in one week!

Tomorrow looks to be another day of some new adventures. In the morning, he'll likely have his next swallow test. This time, he will get to eat some real food, and using imaging equipment, they'll follow the food down to ensure that it lands properly in his stomach. If it does, Jerry will get to begin eating again. Also tomorrow plans are in place to begin his physical therapy. Dennis, especially, is really excited for this chapter to begin as it will give them something to focus and work on each day. Keeping in mind that Dennis is a coach and Jerry an athlete, you can see how much the physical therapy sessions will appeal to their nature.

So, please pray that nothing would get in the way of these two big events tomorrow. Pray that Jerry would again sleep well, and sleep deeply, and pray that he would wake up alert. Pray that whatever occurred to cause his eyes to dilate oddly would completely disappear. Pray also that practical things like hospital schedules and staffing would go smoothly so that all that needs done for Jerry to allow for these two events would indeed be done.

As for Jerry's emotional and spiritual state, Dennis said that today was a good day too. For the first time, Jerry was able to read some of your blog comments and messages himself with the laptop balanced on his lap. In the midst of awaiting the test results, a local pastor and the hospital chaplain came by and led in some times of prayer, which Dennis said literally calmed the hearts of everyone almost immediately. He also shared that as they turned to the laptop to see the new comments and prayers as they came in, that they would literally see the answers happening right in front of their eyes. Dennis says it's just crazy. But a good kind of crazy.

So please keep praying. Keep asking God to intervene and to heal Jerry completely. Pray that Jerry's body would continue to mend and progress as it has been, and pray for the miracle, which we firmly believe is coming. Pray that it would indeed come....any day now.

Please also thank God for the miracles we've already seen. Thank Him for the way this family is being held up and supported, thank Him for all of those who have rallied around and called out in prayer on behalf of Jerry. Thank God for the determination and hope that the MacCallisters are finding, and thank Him for a great work in Jerry that will only continue.

As we head into week 2 of Jerry's story, we do have just a few housekeeping issues to note:

First, tomorrow night is the first meeting of the Fundraising group. The meeting will be held at 7pm at Redwood Christian Park in the Administration Building, which is the first building on your left as you drive into camp. If you are not able to attend but have ideas or services to offer, please direct those to Monica via so that she can channel the information to the right people at the meeting.

Next, you will see that you can now sign up for an email list, which will be used as needed as a communications tool. Mainly, we will continue to utilize this blog, but if you would like to receive any email communication that is done, please sign up. As you do that, you will see that Jerry's email list is currently administrated by Redwood Christian Park, but we commit to you that you will ONLY receive emails related to the MacCallister family unless you opt to do otherwise.

Some have also been asking what the best way is to currently support the MacCallisters practically beyond financial donation. If you live locally and would like to, please join the folks that have been preparing easy meals for Josh to heat up and bring over to the hospital. If you are interested, just make something in a dish that does not need returned, wrap it suitably for the freezer, tape the cooking directions on top and drop it off. If you miss meeting one of the kids at home, you can drop it by the RCP office any day between 9am and 4pm, and we'll get it to them. Dennis told me tonight that dinner has become something that they really look forward to--first, because it's the only point where they are all together, but also because they have been having some truly fantastic food. So, he says thanks to those of you who have been cooking for them!

To wrap up for the night, I really cannot type enough on behalf the the MacCallisters about how remarkable this community, both local and global, has been. Dennis and Katie have no end to their thanks, and are beyond grateful for the way that you all are supporting and loving them.

More tomorrow,

Feeling The Love

Sunday, 2:12pm

Dennis just called with a quick update about the CT scan.  Jerry came through the procedure well, and we are now awaiting the results, which will be through sometime this afternoon.

To give some background,  Jerry slept extremely well last night.  Dennis said that he felt like it was the first real deep sleep that Jerry has had, and he went all the way through the night until about 8:30am this morning.  However, it seems like maybe his sleep was "too" good, as he has had a really hard time coming out of it.  

Since waking up, Jerry has been really groggy-- a bit spacey and confused.  However, as they ran him through some tests, he knew the date, he knew what day it was, he knew what had happened and he knew where he was.  However, his manner was was a bit "off" from the last few days, and coupled with the fact that one of his eyes was dilated more then the other, his doctor decided to send him in for a CT scan, as you saw in Dennis's earlier posts.

Mainly, this scan was precautionary.  The doctor explained that there are a number of "red flags" that then push the doctors to certain standard procedures.   Jerry's eyes, appearing different in dilation, is a "red flag" that could indicate some sort of pressure in his brain.  Combined with the grogginess, there was enough concern to warrant the test.  Obviously, finding any issues early is the goal so that they can be alleviated before becoming problems of a monstrous proportion.  

Gratefully, as of this moment, Jerry does not have a headache, he clearly knows his "details", and a few minutes ago, he was asking for a popsicle and noting how bad TV is on the weekends--just cooking shows, which are obviously not his favorites right now. 

But obviously, the events of the morning have been extremely frightening for Dennis and Katie, and the day has been very emotional for them.  Coupled with the fact that they are very sleep deprived, learning that there may be additional issues to address is almost too much to take.  So please pray with me now for these two parents.  Pray that they would continue to find strength in themselves that has come from God, and pray that they would have peace that surpasses understanding.

Please pray now as the doctors and technicians are reviewing the scan results, and pray for their wisdom as they determine if anything needs done.  Pray that they would not miss a single detail, and overall, pray that test results would continue to confirm that Jerry's brain is undamaged.  Please pray that Dennis, Katie and Jerry would be free of anxiety as they await the results later today, pray that they would have peace and rest.  

As soon as the results are in, someone will be back to post them.  But until then, let's just continue to pray, and to thank God for the amazing answers we've already seen!


12:30 pm

We are going back as the 1st CT was not ready, please pray now, and be not affraid. It is procautionary, but they want to find out why one eye is dialated a little more than the other. Help us to overcome fear. I'll update in a little bit. Thank you all-

10:40 am Sunday

Please pray for Jerry right now as he needs to have CT scan. Lets all pray this is nothing.
Lord help my son right this instant, put your loving arms around him and protect him. I pray in the name of Jesus.

Watching Jerry

I know, I know, It's follow Jerry, but tonight for me it's watching Jerry.
It is 3:47 am and as I sit here I just thought I would try to sent out a note. Jerry is sleeping, and I have minute, so why not. It's peaceful at this time, and I have not been able to say that lately. Thank you lord for making that possible. That was my prayer tonight, along with others, and it has been answered. Jerry has slept now going on 4 hours, and that is something I haven't been able to say in awhile. I will take this small victory in Christ and shout it out (not in the room of coarse) for all to hear. It is just another step. Step by step, day by day, whatever it takes, I want this message to be heard.
Now as I try to get some sleep myself, I will continue to watch over my son as my Father watches over me.

"For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord, "plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope. Then you will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you."
Jeremiah 29:11-12

Good night and God Bless,


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Evening, Day 9

First, I apologize for the delay on a post.  I promise that you will find a new post here EVERY SINGLE DAY until Jerry has recovered.  But because every day is a little different, the posting time might vary.  But keep checking, and keep praying, no matter what.

I got to see Jerry very briefly today, in fact, he might not have even seen me as I talked to his gathered family and friends.  Like yesterday, he was able to spend several hours out of his bed and room in his wheelchair.  Yesterday, he took a ride around the hospital hallways, and today he spent time outside on the hospital patio as well as in the bright, sunny hallway just outside of the Rehab Trauma Unit.  This, of course, has been a fantastic development as he is able to leave both his bed and his room, giving his eyes a chance to settle on something new.  As I watched him from the distance, it was good to see him surrounded by those who love him, and to see him working hard to interact and be as much "himself" as he can be right now.

In talking with Dennis and Katie, both mentioned that Jerry is still having some strange sensations in his body.  At times he feels like crows are crawling on his arms, or that a dog is licking his hand, and that there are spider webs and sticky bugs on him.  At times, they've had to work hard to convince him that there is certainly not a dog in his room, and that no webs are on his arms, which has made for some oddly comical conversation.

Overall, it seems like the days are pretty encouraging and good.  A bit of "routine" is starting to be built, and for now, the days keep bringing something "new"--first, removing the intubation, and then yesterday, the introduction of the wheelchair and some freedom from his room.  Please pray that something "new" would arise each day, something that offers hope and encouragement.  Pray that Jerry will have good interactions with his caregivers, and that the determination and effort that he has always been known for will continue to see him through these circumstances.

As we are heading into night time, please also continue praying for the nights to get easier.  Last night, Jerry suffered with hallucinations until about 1am.  He then slept intermittently from 2-7am, but was waking up every 45 minutes or so.  Thankfully, the hallucinations had ceased by then, but instead he was waking up with confusion--wondering where he was and why he couldn't move--Katie said he would ask question after question, and wouldn't settle back down into sleeping until he had the answers he needed.  This was extremely tough on Katie, as she would answer his questions,  comfort him and get him back to sleep only to repeat the cycle the very next hour.  

Because of the nasty hallucinations and side effects, Jerry has been opting out of clicking his morphine button today in hopes that the hallucinations might cease.  Therefore, he is in a bit more pain, but the hope is that good sleep will finally come his way.   So please ask God to settle Jerry's mind and heart, and to intervene and remove his pain.  Pray that Jerry would fall asleep easily, and stay asleep throughout the night.  Pray also for Dennis, as he is with Jerry tonight.  Pray that as he needs to comfort Jerry and soothe any panic, that he would have the right words and prayers for the moment.  Pray for Katie, that she also would be able to sleep soundly and sleep without interruption.

Continue also in praying for Josh, Janea and Jessica.  As they each are coping with Jerry's accident in their own way, pray that God would give them peace, strength and a whole lot of courage.  Pray especially for Jessica as she attempts to keep up with school and some sense of "normal."  Pray for Dennis and Katie as they begin to consider what the new "routine" will be in not only caring for Jerry, but also for the other three kids.  Pray that God would continue to bind this family together and give them peace.

Katie asked this evening that everyone just continue to pray without ceasing.   It's clear that prayer is what Jerry needs most as these days blend into weeks.  Continue praying for his complete recovery, that he would be healed entirely from his ordeal, both physically and emotionally.  Join us also in thanking God for the work He has already done.  God has been so faithful in sustaining this family, and He has only just begun.

The MacCallisters again thank you all for the fantastic posts of Bible passages, and are still just stunned at the amazing outpouring of love that they are receiving.  Thank you for being the hands and feet of God at this time and may you and yours also be blessed through this story.

Until tomorrow,

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Request From Dennis

Just as I pressed "publish" on the last post, Dennis called with a very specific way for you to help.  

Last night, as Jerry's anxiety and panic was at its height, Dennis found himself flipping madly through the Bible for verses that he could recite to Jerry that would offer him calm and hope in that moment.  

Could you comment back to this post with a verse that has given you strength and hope as you have faced an intense trial?  The idea here being that tonight, as Dennis needs a verse, he could shift the lap top over and recite straight off of these comment boards.  If you could list your first name and city too, knowing where these verses have come from would also be of encouragement too.

Thank you for commenting.  Let's fill this comment board with words of hope and strength.

Day 8, Friday Afternoon

After riding the wave of yesterday's amazing (and quick!) answers to prayer, last night was another absolutely rugged night for the MacCallister family.   Early in the evening, chatting with Katie online, there had been enough that had gone so well yesterday that she typed "I can't keep the smile off my face."

But as the deep night fell, along with it came Jerry's fear and anxiety.  Still coming down from the level of morphine he started with to a much lower level of use, instead of now having it on continuous drip, Jerry now asks for it and whomever is with him clicks it into his IV.  The pain in Jerry's neck is pretty intense, so the use of morphine is necessary, but the side effects, mainly these horrendous hallucinations and panic attacks, is causing Jerry to opt out of clicking the drug into his system, which then increases his pain.    

So there are two ways to pray here:  First, pray that the pain in Jerry's neck would be lifted by God and that He, as the great healer, would intervene with Jerry's pain and remove it!  Pray that Jerry would not need to click that morphine and invite the side effects for a visit. And lastly, pray that as night falls tonight, that Jerry's mind and heart would be protected, and in the place of panic and fear, he would experience deep rest and renewal.

Gratefully, today Jerry was able to successfully swallow some ice chips.  So, based on that, the doctors can prescrible some oral sleeping medications to aid him this evening.  Dennis and Katie have also decided that one of them will stay with Jerry each night, which requires literally staying awake all night and standing at Jerry's bedside, while the other sleeps at the hotel.  They will rotate this pattern, and it does mean that Dennis and Katie will be separated for much of the day and night.  

So, on this topic, please pray that Dennis and Katie would get the rest they need.  But beyond that, pray for protection on their marriage.  Pray that they would be great partners to each other, that they would communicate well with each other and protect each other, despite their extreme fatigue.  Pray that they would have keen insight into each other's minds, and that they would be able to connect for some point each day in a way that is meaningful.

As for Jerry himself, he's is holding up as well as he could be, thanks to your prayers.  His closest buddies are with him today, which Katie hopes will encourage him and "lighten" him a bit. While doctors have issued his official diagnosis as a "C4 Quadrapalegic",  he does continue to sense more feeling in his body.  Strange sensations like his fingers are "jingling" (his word),  and he feels something like an electrical shock going down his spine.   The doctors "explain away" these sensations by saying that is brain is "confused" and that the undamaged portions of his spinal cord are attempting to work.  But we want to believe differently, now don't we?  

Please ask God to continue His work in Jerry's body.  Pray that these sensations would be the hand of God, slowly and certainly bringing Jerry's body back to life.  And pray that Jerry would MOVE.  Pray that the doctors would be baffled at the miracle in Jerry's neck and back.  

As we head into the afternoon here, at about the time that I post this blog,  Jerry will be moved from his hospital bed into a wheelchair for the first time.  This is, what Dennis calls, a "Triumphant Moment", as he escapes his hosptial bed for the first time in a week.  Pray that this experience would indeed be triumphant and that the change in persepctive and position would encourage Jerry and bring him hope.

Please also, as you go to sleep tonight, pray mightily for Jerry.  If you find yourself awake in the wee hours of the night, please use that time to pray for God's hand to surround the MacCallisters at that moment.  I am becoming more and more convinced that truly every good thing comes from God, so let's shower him with requests on behalf of the MacCallister family this day.

As we also head into the weekend, the family does ask that visits be kept to very close friends and family only.  But they do need (very much) your comments and continuous encouragement via this blog.  So, keep them coming.  Often.

We do also have a few housekeeping issues to address:

An organizing committee for fundraising will be meeting on Monday, January 12, 7pm here at Redwood Christian Park.  For those of you that have contacted us via this website, I'll send a personal email to you with more details.  But to anyone who is interested or has ideas on how to support this family financially, you are welcome!  If you are unable to attend but have something to offer in terms of ideas, just email me and I will pass that information on to the right person.

Next, our "tinkering" with bank account set ups will be complete very early next week.  So, to all of you wonderful people that have already sent a monetary donation to the MacCallister family, you will be receiving a receipt and a thank you very soon.  All gifts given via the "Donate" button on this site go directly to the Jerry MacCallister Assistance Fund as part of Redwood Christian Park.  Your gifts are tax-deductible, and every single dollar will go directly to the MacCallisters and their practical needs.  If you would like to donate and would prefer to send a check, make it payable to Redwood Christian Park and note the MacCallister Assistance Fund in the memo.  You can mail it to us at 15000 Two Bar Rd, Boulder Creek, CA. 95006.

Again, the response to this blog and to this family and to Jerry's story has been completely overwhelming.  The goodness and love of everyone is amazing, and the gratefulness of the MacCallisters will never end.

Please keep praying, keep hoping, and keep dreaming for Jerry.  The miracle is coming....any day now.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

10:41pm, Thursday

Katie just called and if you happen to be up late, please join me in praying for Jerry. After a truly glorious day, one that felt like an oasis in the midst of the experience, the night time has come.

Jerry was pulled off of some heavy doses of morphine today, needing to wean his body off of the heavy drugs. But in doing so, Jerry's body is going through some pretty rugged withdrawl. Combine that with the removal of his intubation, and it's been a trying day for Jerry's body, and certainly his mind.

As Katie called, Jerry is experiencing hallucinations, full of fear that he is going to die. He is seeing things that are not there, but is having trouble fighting them off.

Please pray for calm and peace to fill his room. Pray for protection over his mind and heart, and pray that some deep sleep would come. Pray that it would come NOW.

Pray for Katie as she is with him. Pray for strength, courage, determination and bravery.

We know that our God is with this boy, and pray now that he would feel His presence. That his hallucinations would be changed to brilliant dreams.

1:15pm, Thursday

Well, you people must be praying and our God is surely good.  

As of about an hour ago, the intubation tube is GONE.  The panic and anxiety are GONE.  The distress and tiredness are GONE.

In their place are the following:  cracked jokes, sarcasm, crazy stories and the REAL JERRY.

Praise God!

And in the coming days I'll leave it to Dennis, Katie and Jerry to share more about what was going on in Jerry's head and heart these last is usual with a MacCallister, you'll be amazed.

But it's a great day.  

And that feeling is palpable in Jerry's trauma center room.  Join us in thanking God for His answers to our many, many prayers.


(As a small sidenote, you can now find us directly at, which we hope will make passing this site on to others even easier.  Thanks, Mark!)  

10:25am, Thursday

The tube is coming OUT.  Right this instant.

Pray this moment for Jerry that it would go smoothly, and praise God for this swift answer to prayer!

Thursday Morning, Day 7

It's crazy to think that it has almost been a week since Jerry's accident.  When we consider all that could have happened, there is much to be exceedingly grateful for.  First, Jerry is alive.  Second, Jerry's brain was uninjured.  Third, Jerry has made it safely through two major surgeries and is recovering on a good course.  So, before I tell you about his night, I wanted us to consider all that we have to be grateful for as this story continues to unfold.

Last night was a tough one.  

For all six nights of this ordeal, the MacCallister family has met together for dinner, stayed with Jerry and just spent some good time together as a family.  Usually, around 10 or 11pm, Jerry has been administered some sleeping medications and is usually conked out almost immediately.  Obviously, for Dennis and Katie, knowing that he is deeply asleep is one of the only ways that it is even possible for them to comfortably leave him.  So, last night, when no one had come to give him the sleeping medication and it was nearing midnight, Katie found a nurse and asked when it was coming?

Because they had taken out Jerry's stomach tube earlier in the day (he is now fed by IV only), it turned out that there was not a way to administer the prescribed sleeping medications.  As Jerry was a bit restless yesterday, Katie knew that there was no way that Jerry would get to sleep on his own, so she asked the nurse to call a doctor and get something to ease him into sleep.   The on call doctor prescribed some heavy IV Benedryl to make him sleepy, but it was soon clear that the Benedryl was having absolutely no effect at all.

Prior to this, Jerry had been pretty uncomfortable for much of the day.  He continually wanted his pillow adjusted, or the "coughilator", or something adjusted with this tubing.  It was clear that he was just restless and exceedingly uncomfortable, and as he was completely unable to clearly ask for what he needed, the panic in his eyes was clear.  This panic had continued into the evening, and without the ability to soothe himself to get to sleep, the panic and anxiety was very much intensifying.

Dennis and Katie clearly saw this, so Katie asked Jerry if he would feel better if she stayed the night with him, rather then returning to the hotel.  He furiously nodded yes, so Katie stayed while Dennis went to the hotel to get some rest.  

Over the course of the night, Jerry got literally no sleep.  He would just about drift off, and then as his mouth relaxed he would bite down on his intubation tube, which would cause alarms to go off, which, of course, woke him right back up.  

Finally, around 5am, when it was clear that sleep was not coming, Jerry's fantastic nurse decided to go ahead with her morning routine of vitals and tests and this and that.  As Jerry was kept busy and engaged by the nurse, Katie grabbed her only hour of sleep.

It is now around 9:35am as I type this, and Jerry is likely continuing on in his morning of being poked and prodded.  It was originally planned that his intubation would be removed today, but given the likely fatigue of his body after such a long stretch without deep sleep, his doctors are reassessing his condition, as well as doing a chest xray, prior to making a final determination.  We are hoping and praying that Jerry's chest xray will come through clear, and that despite his tough night, that his intubation could be removed.  Katie feels like his anxiety and panic will be greatly minimized simply by being able to talk and interact.

So, for today, please pray for Jerry.  Specifically pray that he will be overwhelmed with peace and calm, and that regardless of what the doctors determine in regards to removing the intubation, that he would be content and patient.  Pray also that he would experience some deep, regenerative sleep.  For any of us that have had stays in hospitals, we know how hard that is to achieve!  So, pray that in whatever short pockets of uninterrupted time Jerry can find, that he would sleep.  Pray also that the medical staff would come up with a suitable solution for tonight, so that another bad night like this could be avoided.

Probably, it would also be good to keep calls and visits to an absolute minimum today.  Dennis and Katie are extremely tired, and they also would benefit from some uninterrupted time to just rest and clear their minds a bit.  If you are thinking of them or need to contact them, use their email address or these comment boards--that way, they can access them as they are able as the day progresses.  

Pray specifically today for Dennis and Katie as they partner with the medical staff in determining the right path for Jerry.  Right now, they are his advocates and his lifeline, and this is hard stuff to get through when you are beyond tired physically, and exhausted emotionally too.

Katie also gave me some additional clarifications on Jerry's status in terms of movement and sensation.  Since the accident, he has always had feeling and sensation from roughly 4-5 inches below his neck into his chest and arms.  He can feel pressure on his head, shoulders, and upper arms.  He does have use of his diaphragm, he can shrug his shoulders and shake his head.  But as you get below that shoulder and chest area, the sensations cease.   

The doctors also do test the attempted movement of his muscles, and yesterday there was some debating amongst them that there might have been more movement in some areas then there had been before as they instructed Jerry to try to move various muscles in his body.

So, let's just continue praying, with great faith, that God has a miracle in store for Jerry.  It's going to happen any day now, I just know it.  Join us in believing, and thank you for continuing to pray and comment liberally on this blog.

Katie also wanted me to pass on once again their genuine thank you for all that everyone is doing, especially to all of the people that are praying without ceasing for Jerry.

Until later,