Monday, April 30, 2012

In need of prayers

Once again Jerry is in a life threatening situation in need of prayer. Last Sunday Jerry had complications with a drug interaction and experienced something called Serotonin Syndrome. His fever peaked at 107 degrees, his blood pressure dropped to critical level and his heart rate was dangerously high. Jerry was near death, barely breathing and comatose by the time the ambulance got him to the hospital. Jerry seizured throughout the night and remained comatose for the last seven days. He has mad improvements everyday from his vitals stabilizing, to his eyes opening. Today it is believed that Jerry has come out of the comatose state, his eyes have been open for the last 48 hours however today is the first day we have been able to prompt a response from him. Jerry's intubated and clearly beginning to show signs of agitation with having the breathing tube down his throat. Today was the first day that I felt a sense of relief that he's gonna pull through this. Jerry's not out of the woods and has a long road of recovery ahead, please keep him in your prayers that he will become fully awake and aware and that he won't suffer long term brain damage.