Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 14

I'm so happy to see the sun, life seems so much brighter when the sun is shining. It's been over a month since my last post, I apologize to those of you who worry when there's no post. Not much has changed in Jerry's physical condition, he is still nauseous everyday, it seems as if the nausea is getting worse. Jerry used to get relief from the nausea in the late afternoon and be good through the evening. More and more Jerry is suffering nausea morning noon and night with small windows of relief shortly after taking medication, however the relief is shorter and shorter sometimes only an hour.

Jerry has had some bad days over the last month, coming to terms with the loss of mobility has been tough. The first year was spent focusing on regaining as much mobility as possible. It's disheartening for him to work harder than he ever has in his life only to be able to move his arms a few inches. He's gotten so much stronger in his arms but he still can't even scratch his own nose. We just need to keep reminding him how far he has come, in the beginning he couldn't move his arms at all and now he can drive his wheelchair with the joystick. We just need to keep working and never give up hope.

Dennis built a desk for Jerry so now he has a computer station that he can drive right up to. The first day he tried it out he spent a little too much time at the computer which gave him a neck ache, he needs to start out slow.

Jerry finally got the alternating air pressure mattress for his bed, at first the compressor unit was pretty loud however he's gotten used to it. Jerry sleeps much more comfortably and it's nice not worrying so much about pressure sores.

It's been a busy month which is good, I prefer life when it's busy, too much idle time is not good. Mothers day was wonderful which started with breakfast in bed and ended with a family dinner at Chili's. It was one of the few times that we've been at a restaurant where Jerry could sit comfortably at the table. Most restaurants have handicap access but not very adequate accommodations once your in.

Jessica hurt her knee in softball, her doctor thinks maybe torn MCL, she has an appointment with a specialist today. It's astounding to me that it took a month to get an appointment to be seen by the specialist, ridiculous! The injury was heartbreaking for her it ended her senior year of softball mid season. Jessica had prom, going to prom with a hurt knee meant not much time spent on the dance floor but she made the best of it. Fire fighting internship has been affected as well, she goes however she can't participate in drills. Jess hopes to get clearance to begin practice again, the team won a 3-way tie for first place in league. Jess is hoping she will be able to play in the Central Coast Section games.

Josh has been accepted into UC San Diego's civil engineering graduate program so he will be moving to SD in the fall. Any blog followers down there with job leads give us a shout out. Janea continues to go to Cabrillo and work but is hoping to get a new job working with kids.

That's all for now, thanks for continued support,