Friday, March 26, 2010

March 26

I love the sunshine somehow it seems to make me feel all is well with the world even under present circumstances. I've spent some time over the last couple weeks pulling weeds in the yard, it's absurd how much weeds grow. I wish I could keep a house plant alive as well as I grow weeds. Dennis cleaned the garage and I've started a little spring cleaning in the storage room. I say started meaning I've pulled everything out to sort and made a huge mess and haven't had time to get back to it. At any rate I've got spring fever and can't wait for summer.

Jessica's school softball is back in full swing it's been awesome to get out and see a few games, I even got Jerry to a game. Jess is doing well and even made the local paper a couple times. The fire fighting internship has started up so Jess's days are pretty full, school all day, practice until 5:00 games Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as fire internship Tues and Thur from 6:00-9:00 pm, tournaments some weekends and home work. Whew it makes me tired just typing it.

Josh has applied to four colleges and so far has been accepted to UC San Diego, he will be going back to school in the fall to work on his Masters. Josh was laid off and has been on unemployment for a couple months now, he's having a hard time finding a job so if anyone out there has any leads give us a shout out.

Janea is still going to Cabrillo studying early childhood development. Between her working, going to school and spending time with her boyfriend we don't see her much. Janea is great with kids and I'm excited for her to someday get the opportunity to work with them.

Jerry has had two MRI's in the last month one of the C-Spine and one of the brain, both came back normal. It's a strange feeling to hope they find something wrong especially since your supposed to hope they don't find anything wrong. But it's so hard when something is obviously wrong or he wouldn't have been nauseous for the last 14 months. At least if they find the cause they can hopefully know how to fix it. I wish they could find the elusive needle in the haystack, the endless tests are daunting to say the least, we just want it fixed. We are back at SCI-FIT on Fridays now and will begin Wednesdays in April as well. It was wonderful having a break but it's nice to have Jerry working out again. Jerry's therapy at Domican Rehab has come to an end there is no more funding available for it. We will miss his therapists Mary Anne and Terryn greatly and appreciate all they have done to help further Jerry in his recovery.

We have decided to go to China for stem cell therapy, I mentioned before it's not controversial embryonic stem cells it would be adult stem cells harvested from your own body. I've put together a sponsorship letter that I plan to send to large businesses. I need to begin the unpleasant job of fund-raising for the procedure, I'm open to suggestions and help from anyone wanting to get involved.

Lastly I've been asked to post an update with pics on our babies. They are doing great and love to spend the majority of their days outside. For some odd reason they like to sit in the bathtub.

Much love,

Mr. Ricco loves to lay on the heater vent

Miss Tina loves to sit in the bath tub.