Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Night Out

Dennis and I were able to get a much needed break last night and spent the evening out.  We went to see The Pat Travers Band at the Brookdale lodge, they put on a great show.  PT was one of Dennis' favorite artists, he saw him sometime around 1982 so he was excited to be able to see him again in such a small venue.  The base player wore a followingjerry bracelet for a portion of the show and I slipped a bracelet on Pat Travers wrist at the end of the show.  It would be kinda cool to have someone famous join the following Jerry community.  Maybe they would be willing to do a benefit concert to help raise money for Jerry's trip to China for stem cell therapy, that would be SWEET!!!

Jerry had a rough day today, his nausea was at its all time worst and he spent the majority of the day sleeping, he seems to be feeling better this evening.  We are watching the football games that we tapped earlier today, Jerry and I are going head to head in our fantasy football league. I think he might kick my butt.

A few days ago Jerry tried to use his adaptive utensils to feed himself, we discovered it's to soon, he was not able to scoop food onto his spoon.  I look forward to the day when he can feed himself, I think he will get there it's just going to take some time. 

I've finally got around to ordering t-shirts, I'm excited, I think they are going to be really cool.  We decided to do blue shirts with white lettering like the bracelet as well as white shirts with blue lettering.  I will get pictures on the site just as soon as the shirts come in. 

Thanks for keeping Jerry in your thoughts and prayers.

God bless,


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Getting Stronger

The FES bike has been very beneficial for Jerry but like most kids his age he'd rather be doing something else besides working out.  I can't blame him for that matter, heck I feel guilty, he works out more than I do and I have no excuse.  I'm so proud of Jerry and how hard he works. The video below is Jerry doing the FES arm cycle, just ignore the stack of pillows on the unmade bed ;-), I guess I should have cleaned his room a bit before shooting a video.

Jerry's arms continue to get stronger, his left arm has been more dominant in the past however the right arm is starting to catch up. A few nights ago Jerry wanted a candy bar, I'm on a diet and that's a little torturous to have a candy bar in my hand and not take a bite. I decided if Jerry wanted the candy bar he was going to have to feed it to himself, I was halfway messing with him I would have fed it to him if he could not. I put the candy  bar between his fingers and  much to my surprise he managed to lift it and take a bite.  I was so excited I made him wait to eat the rest while I grabbed the camera.  As you can see by the expression on his face in the video below he hates it when I take pictures and video especially when eating.  I know he hates it now but it's important to capture these milestones so when he looks back he can see how far he has come.  This was way to huge not to share with you all.  

With the discovery that Jerry could feed himself the candy bar the thought came to me that maybe it's time to get adaptive utensils and begin to try feeding himself his meals.  I purchased the utensils online and I gotta say once again I'm appalled at how the handicapped are taken advantage of, it's sickening. 1 plate, 1 fork, 1 spoon and 1 cup, plastic, nothing that special, $70. Unbelievable!

The plate has rubber tabs on the bottom so it won't slide, it also has a rim all around it so the food cannot be scooped off the edge. The fork or spoon can be strapped to the hand and is bendable to angle it the way Jerry needs it.  You never stop to think how many muscles are used for the simple task of feeding yourself.  Jerry has one muscle working for him, the bicep, he can bend at the elbow to lift his forearm but cannot lift the arm from the elbow to the shoulder.   Jerry doesn't have any wrist or hand control or wrist rotation.  Feeding himself may still be to early and be more of a frustration then he can handle right now but he'll never know until he tries.

God bless,