Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feb 23, 2010

I thought this journey would get easier as time went on, as the tasks became more routine and the home modifications were complete, however it doesn't seem to be playing out that way. The more time that passes the more sad I become, this cannot be permanent it just CAN'T. Jerry has up days and down days and days when he wants to give up. It's not easy staying strong for him when sometimes I barely have the strength to get through the day.

Jerry is still having nausea daily, it's hard to fathom that he has had nausea almost every day going on fourteen months now and nobody can figure out why. Jerry had an MRI of his neck about a month ago. When the spinal cord has been traumatized it can develop sacks of fluid over time during the healing process which can cause all sorts of problems. The doctor did a C-Spine MRI to rule that occurrence out, thankfully the results came back normal. Jerry now has an MRI scheduled for next week to look at the brain. The doctor wants to check if there is something going on in the nausea center of the brain.

We've taken the month off from SCI-FIT, Jerry and I are getting burnt out on the drive and just needed a break. It's nice to have Wednesdays and Fridays free, not rushing and stressing to get to Pleasanton. We continue to go to PT and OT in Santa Cruz on Tuesdays and Thursdays and usually have some other doctor or dentist appointment on Mondays.

Dennis gave me time off for my birthday, a friend of mine had to go to Las Vegas for her daughters volleyball tournament. Dennis encouraged me to go along and assured me he could hold down the fort until I get back. I was reluctant however he pushed a little which made it easier for me to go. I had a great time but came home more exhausted than I was before I left. I saw the Phantom of the Opera which was spectacular but I gotta say I was so happy to get home. Unfortunately I caught a bug and have been pretty sick for a week, yesterday was my first day back to the land of the living.

Jerry has decided to learn how to be a student in his current condition so he will be taking a class at the community college in the fall. Most likely it will be an easy class just to basically learn how he will get in and out doors, how will he manage notes and home work, what kind of adaptive equipment might be available to him etc. I think it will be good for him to get back to school.

Dennis finished the bathroom it looks so beautiful. Jerry now has the option of taking a shower or a bath. The roll in shower is so convenient however Jerry loves the bath and opts for that most often. We still have not got the bath routine perfected it's difficult keeping him from floating. Here are some pictures of the bathroom:

SCI-FIT made a video of some of the things they do with Jerry, you can watch the video by clicking the play button below.

Thank you to all those who continue to pray for Jerry's recovery, we need to keep hope alive now more then ever.

Much love,