Friday, November 8, 2013

New Feelings

Jerry has had some new feelings since my last post, it seems that he is having a sensation of feeling the water when he takes a bath. Until now Jerry has had no feeling below the chest line at least where water is concerned, on his arms he can feel pressure but it diminishes the farther down the arm you go. Concerning water however Jerry has not felt it below the chest line since the neck injury, that is until about 10 days ago. When in the bath Jerry felt the water on his middle finger and within minutes the sensation went up to his wrist. The feeling is not like the warmth you and I would experience, his body is interpreting it differently, it's difficult for Jerry to put into words the feeling but he says it's kind of a feeling of coldness. A Few days later while in the bath Jerry experienced the same feeling in the left foot and ankle, it's interesting to note that these feelings began on the left side of his body. The left side of his body was the first to regain movement in the bicep and to regain a little strength. With each bath Jerry feels the sensation in a new part of his body, he now feels it on both sides of the body however in some areas the feeling is stronger. Today's bath Jerry felt the cold feeling on his butt, our hope is that the body is regaining the ability to feel below the level of injury and that eventually it will interpret these feelings accordingly, warm as warm and cold as cold. These are baby steps hopefully toward a much larger recovery, I'm thankful it's one step closer toward the goal.