Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunday Outing

Jerry had his sixth stem cell injection on Friday which was the last IV injection. The next 2 stem cell treatments will be lumbar puncture, he seems to respond better to the lumbar puncture. My last post showed that Jerry was able to move his toe after the last lumbar puncture. The following morning he was able to move his toe a couple times but has been unable to move it since then. With the IV stem cells he received on Friday he felt a little tingling, not as strong as before and not lasting long. Jerry seems to respond well to the cells, feeling an immediate reaction however the result is short lived. I look forward to the next 9 months and seeing what the cells will improve in Jerry's body. Jerry has his next lumbar puncture tomorrow evening.

On Sunday we went to a huge mall called Paragon, there's an aquarium and a huge cineplex. Jerry got a hair cut and then we went to the aquarium. The aquarium had a glass tunnel that goes through the shark tank, that part was pretty cool but after going to the Monterey Bay aquarium, it was hard not to compare. It was nice to just get out of the hospital.

After the aquarium we went to see a 4D movie at the cineplex, unfortunately they didn't have handicap seating, they required you to sit in their seats that move and jerk you around, it just wasn't safe for Jerry. We were going to watch a regular movie however the theater doesn't have attendant seats in the wheelchair section so we skipped the movie and went for pie instead and then headed back to the hospital.

I'm getting a little home sick, I'm looking forward to get back home.


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Denise said...

It amazes me how their so behind on handicap access everywhere. When do you guys come home?