Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Wonderful Dinner Out

The hospital has 2 facilities within a mile of each other, we are at the smaller facility which houses 8 patients and their families, I believe the other facility has about 15 patients. The hospital surprised the patients with a wonderful night out for dinner last night. It was such a wonderful surprise, the hospital rented a couple vans and bused all the patients and staff to a nearby Thai Restaurant. There must have been close to 80 of us, people from all around the globe coming together for a meal. The communication barrier made it a little difficult to interact with one another, families from Spain, Mexico, Germany, Italy, the middle east, there was only 1 other family from the US. All of us with a  common goal of improving the quality of life for someone we love.

The food was absolutely fabulous, the best I've had since arriving in Thailand, I wish I could eat at that restaurant everyday for the duration of the stay here but it's a little far. I was amazed at the end of the evening when I tried to pay for our meals and found out the hospital was paying for the entire evening. It was such a wonderful surprise and incredibly generous gesture on the part of the hospital.

Jerry has been able to move his toe and foot today but it's been random, one minute he's able to do it the next minute he can't. Jerry has a stem cell lumbar injection in about an hour, as always we're looking forward to it. Hope to have great news to report after injection. :)



Robin Patrick said...

I am thrilled to read your updates. What an adventure you are on. Praying for both of you. Praying for safety, joy and healing.

zack said...

So glad you guys made it! Good luck Jerry, thinking about you.

Deborah said...

Look forward to your updates Katie. I cannot get over the experience you both are having. A hospital hosting a dinner out for its patients...that's a first:). Praying that Jerry's recovering is going to be as positive and amazing as your journey!

Anonymous said...

Great updates, great photos, good times, good food - awesome! Love the photo of the tiger in Jerry's lap :) Toe movement -wow- beyond encouraging! Hope the heat wave ends really soon.