Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Settled Down

Things have settled down and fallen into routine, a routine I'm not quiet used to. I'm used to running Jerry to several appointments a week, always busy, never enough time in the day. Now there is nothing but time, with nowhere to have to be and nothing to have to do. There's too much time to contemplate the gravity of this situation, to feel the sadness, to long for a better life for Jerry. It's time to get back to life.

Jerry has been doing well, the worst is behind us however he does still seem to have a lot of pain which I had hoped would have subsided by now. March will hopefully bring better days as we begin getting back to the routine of going to acupuncture, consoling and physical therapy in Pleasanton.



Anonymous said...

Still praying!

Interested person... said...

Does Jerry have his own blog?

Anonymous said...

Hi. Glad to hear that Jerry is doing fine and no more scary incidents. Sorry about the pain ugh. Yes, time can drag when you've nothing to look forward to. Every moment counts though and I know you both know that too. You are both so amazing. Call me and let's go have some fun.

Anonymous said...

I'm praying

thiet ke nha
thiet ke nha dep
nha xinh
cong ty nha xinh
nha dep
biet thu dep
nha pho dep
noi that dep
duong vat gia da nang
duong vat gia hit tuong

Robin Patrick said...

It's been a long time since I visited Following Jerry. I didn't realize you were still keeping the updates coming. I'm glad to catch up and see that at least in February he was stable. I pray the time since then has been healing, for all of you.
Is Jerry still writing his book? That has got to be one roller coaster of a story! Maybe he will give us bits of it so we can read some in advance of publishing.

Even though I didn't think you were still posting, I still thought of Jerry and the family. You guys amaze me. Praying for blessings.

Libbety said...

Hi Katie and Jerry,

I just heard about this on NPR and wanted to pass it your way...


Take Care,

Robin Patrick said...

I keep thinking about you and Jerry. I know you must be tired of posting updates but if there is anything anyone can do would you let us know? I don't know why you come to mind but you do. You haven't been forgotten.

Robin Patrick said...

How are you and Jerry doing? Is there anything someone else can do to be an encouragement or help?